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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Donation Information

Daegaya Museum has conducted cultural assets donation movement since 2003 for securing display items, systematic management of cultural assets and using cultural assets as research data.

As a result, not only local residents but also people from other regions donated many relics. We selected some of them and displayed them at the planned exhibition hall for 1 year after the opening of the pavilion in April of 2005.

In many cases, the sources of the donated relics are generally not known. In our museum, however, most relics are from Goryeong region. The donated relics include archeological relics, natural relics and modern folk data. However, most of the donated relics are the earthenware of Daegaya that were excavated in Goryeong region. Such relics have their limitations as academic data, but they can be the bases for studying the history and culture of Daegaya and Goryeong region. In addition, they will be used to increase the residents' interest in Daegaya Museum and expand the concept of sharing the national cultural assets.

On the other hand, 8,400 books were donated, and Daegaya Museum has been established as the renowned exclusive museum of Daegaya history.

Daegaya Museum deeply appreciates all those who donated such precious data and will continue to do our best in the preservation, transmission, study and exhibition of donated relics according to the precious will of the donators.

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