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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Greeting From Museum Director

Daegaya Museum Director Shin Jong Hwan

Great culture of Daegaya that broke the silence

The history of the museum in Goryeong, which was the capital of Daegaya, started from the excavation of Jisanri Tumulus between 1977 and 1978. Through the excavation at that time, the brilliant culture of Daegaya was awaken after a long history of silence. Based on this, a small pavilion with the panel of Daegaya Relic Pavilion was built in 1980 on the corner of the hill where Goryeong local school was located. It was the beginning of today's Daegaya Museum.

'Daegaya Royal Tomb Pavilion' that reproduced Tulmus No. 44 was opened in 2000. 'Daegaya History Pavilion' was built in 2005 and was opened as a real museum after a long period of waiting. However, it was not enough to inform the culture of Goryeong and Daegaya and 'Ureuk Museum' was opened in March of 2006 in Gumgok Goryeongeup that is known as the place where the music saint Ureuk worked.

Now, as the town was the capital of Daegaya and the place where Ureuk his practiced artistic work, Goryeong can welcome domestic and foreign visitors to Daegaya Museum.

As you know, the museum is doing various things such as exhibition and research by experts, scientific preservation and management of cultural assets, social educations for general public and so forth. Among them, the most basic thing is exhibition activity.

Based on many discussions and academic grounds, we decorated the museum. Though it is a little late, we also published the display record that advertises our achievements so far. It maybe the result of our humble exhibition work, we believe that it will play an important role in expanding and advertising exhibition space.

We are glad to open the homepage so that people can preview the atmosphere of permanent display in Daegaya Museum, and we will continue to improve it with more solid contents.

2009. 1. 1.
Daegaya Museum Director Shin Jong Hwan
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