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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Greeting from the District Head

Goryeong District Head Kwak Yong Hwan

Place where people can feel the breath of Daegaya! Daegaya Museums

21st century is often called the century of culture. In this century of culture, our district are making efforts to restore and promote the great culture of Daegaya so that everyone can remember Goryeong the best city for culture and tourism. Daegaya museum is the precious result of such efforts.

As you know very well, Goryeong is the center of prehistoric culture represented by rock drawing and the old capital of Daegaya. It is old the town of prominent culture with the life and wisdom of our ancestors such as Buddhism culture and Confucianism culture. Expecially, Daegaya formed an exclusive culture with Gayageum, earthenware, ironware and so forth and greatly contributed to the development of our ancient culture. Daegaya became a ancient nation that could be compared to the three kingdoms of Koguryo, Baekjae and Shilla. Today, the people of Goryeong have the responsibility to inherit and develop the culture of Daegaya.

Daegaya Museum that was opened in April of 2005 consists of 'Daegaya Royal Tomb Pavilion' that restored Jisanri Tumulus No. 44 the tomb of the living with the dead during the time of Daegaya, 'Daegaya History Pavilion' that displays the history and culture of Goryeong region around Daegaya and 'Ureuk Museum' that refocused the Musical Saint Ureuk and Gayageum systematically. In a word, Daegaya Museum is the world's one and only 'Exclusive Daegaya History Museum' where people can see, hear and feel the great culture of Daegaya.

After opening the museum, Daegaya museum is evaluated to have excellent items and is becoming a center of culture and tourism. We will continue to improve the museum's facility and secure more relics and run the museum more fruitfully.

Goryeong District Head Kwak Yong Hwan
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