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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Korean Traditional Musical Instruments

Musical instrument is the cultural media and symbol that express our hearts with sound, and our traditional musical instrument contain the hearts of our people. Most of the musical instruments that our ancestors enjoyed playing in their everyday life were those that produce soft sounds just like their hearts. The materials of the musical instruments are mostly from the nature such as bamboo, paulownia and silk thread. Our people's hearts that think of others more than oneself are well represented in music. Without a conductor, players listen to each other and follow other people's tune and speed.

Musical instruments used in royal palace were made with ornaments such as dragon in order to represent the rule of the palace and the dignity of the king. In addition, special office was founded to make musical instruments by examining various books and discussing about harmonious sound and tune.
On the other hand, ordinary people used normal and practical musical instruments to play and enjoy folk music.

The materials of our musical instruments are mostly from nature (iron, stone, silk thread, gourd, soil, leather, wood). Our musical instruments produce sounds that make people feel peace and calmness.
Today, there are about 30 traditional musical instruments that are being played, and new musical instruments that fit the modern sensitivity are also being developed.

Traditional Musical Instruments of Korea
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