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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Koryo Dynasty

Goryeong belonged to Gyeongsanbu in 940, early in Goryeo, and its power became weakened because Yarohyun and Sinboghyun were separated form it. Its level was elevated again when a government official, named Gammu, dispatched form the central government was dispatched in 1175 in the Soldier Government times of Goryeo. Meanwhile, Japanese pirates visited Goryeong because it was connected with the sea through River Nakdong and General Wi Park destroyed Japanese pirates in Goryeong in late Goryeo.

Relics and heritages of Goryeo Times

Kubilai, a great king of Momgol in 1274 – “Don’t touch Bannyongsa!”

Multi-layer stone pagoda of Banryongsa Buddhism was prospering in Goryeong territory through Unified Shilla Times and Goryeo Times and the territory had many temples. Bannyongsa is especially famous; early in 1200’s that is the Soldier Government times of Goryeo, the famous monks of the country gathered and organized a religious association and in 1274 (when King Chungryeol acceded to the throne), a great king of Won country (China) posted a sentence ordering protection of temples. Now, Banryongsa has a multi-layer stone pagoda constructed early in Goryeo and the temple bell and a mini knife made in Chosun Dynasty. Meanwhile, a Merciful Goddess statue made in 985 is placed in Gaepori, Gaejinmyun; this place is famous because the Tripitaka Koreana (consisting over eighty thousand blocks) passed southern seashore and River Nakdong was sent to Haeinsa through this port.

Multi-layer stone pagoda of Banryongsa

This stone pagoda was made of black clay state of flat roof stones by stacking them. It has 12 layers of roof stones and two pieces of stereobate having embossed lotus flower pattern under the roof stones. The stereobate to support the pagoda was made of granite. It seemed to be constructed early in Goryo. Stone sit statue of the Merciful Goddess in Gaepo-ri

Stone sit statue of the Merciful Goddess in Gaepo-ri

This statue has about 1.5m of height; it wears a folk crown on its head and is sit on a lotus flower chair having a lotus flower in the hand. More than 30 letters are carved at the back of halo indicating that it was made in 985, early in Goryeo. It is located near to Gaegyeong Port that was used when moving the Tripitaka Koreana to Haeinsa.
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