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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Jisanri Tumulus No. 45

This tomb is located on the stiff slope of the ridge line apart from Jisanri Tomb No. 45 by 60m toward the upper part of the mountain and was surveyed with excavation by Keimyung University Museum. It has 22~23.5m of diameter and 2.85m of height; it is a multi-coffin tomb in which two stone coffins were constructed at the central part in parallel from the northeast to the southwest and 11 stone coffins were arranged around the two coffins like drawing a circle.

In this tumulus, at least 12 persons were buried with the dead in addition to the main person of this tomb. Two persons were buried in Stone Room No. 1 that in the main stone room and one person was buried in Stone Room No. 2 that is the annexed stone room; nine persons were buried in the surrounding 11 stone coffins.

It is found that each one person was respectively buried at the head area and foot area of the main person in the Stone Room No. 1 and the two persons wore gold earrings and glass necklaces having bent necks of beach. Stone Room No. 2 was a space like a warehouse in which earthenware was mostly buried and one person was buried near to the northeast wall. The person buried in Stone Room No. 2 wore the earrings and necklace same as those of the person of Stone Room No. 1. When it is considered that the persons buried in Stone Rooms No. 1 and No. 2 wore brilliant accessories, they are expected to have a close relationship with the main person of the tomb.

Among the eleven stone coffins, the bones of a 40’s male person were found in Stone Coffin No. 2 and the grave goods consisted of an iron ox and an arrowhead. The iron ox is expected not to be a life tool but to be a combat ox shown on the wall painting of Koguryo Anag Tomb No. 3 because it had a hole to width direction at its upper part. Therefore, the person buried in this coffin might possible be a guard warrior of the main person of the tomb. The persons buried in other stone coffins seem to be the commoner.

Jisanri tumulus No. 45 excavation view
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