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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Jisanri Tumulus No. 44


Jisanri Tumulus Site is located at the west hill of Goryeong where Daegachun flowing from the north of Jisanri Tumulus Site and Annimchun flowing from the west join. This tumulus site is a small-tumuli site and has the largest scale in Gaya territory among tens of large-tumulus sites constructed along the ridgeline of the hill and hundreds of small-tumulus sites constructed on the slope. When considering the situation that Jusansung is located at the mountaintop at the west of the hill and a palace pond is located at the eastern foot of the hill, it must be the core tumulus site that contains the royal mausoleums of Daegaya. It was designated as Historic Relic #79 but it has been damaged due to grave robbery starting in the times of the Japanese Empire. Improvement work has been being performed starting in the second half of 1970’s including the excavation survey of seven tumuli.

Jisanri Tumulus No. 44 is located a an independent position on the slope apart from five tombs, which are in a row at the top of Jusan Hill, by about 100 meters. This tomb, which was surveyed with excavation by Kyungbug University Museum in 1977, has 27 meters of diameter and 6m of height and three large stone rooms and 32 small stone coffins of the living buried with the dead constructed around these stone rooms are arranged in the tomb. Although most of the heritage was robbed, golden earring, gilt bronze vessel, silver accessory iron spear, and fluorescent shell scoop were found indicating that various and many grave goods were buried at first. The origin of fluorescent shall scoop is Okinawa and it is the evidence of the long-distance of Daegaya. When the location, scale, structure, and excavated heritages of the tumulus are considered, this tumulus seems to be the royal mausoleum of the highest level among the Gaya tumuli that have been excavated until now.

Jisanri Tumulus No. 44
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