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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Foundation of Daegaya

National Foundation Myth of Daegaya

Were King Ejinasi and Kong Suro Brothers?

Gaya has two national foundation myths. The one is that the older brother among the sons born between Mount Gaya god and heaven god became King Ejinasi that was the founder of Daegaya and the elder brother became King Suro that was the founder of Geumgwangaya and the other is that, among six sons born from six golden eggs from the sky, the first born son became King Suro of Geumgwangaya and remaining five sons became the kings of six Gaya’s.

Two foundation myths of Gaya

≪New Donggugyeojiseungnam≫

This is the national foundation myth focused in Daegaya made with quotation of ≪ Donggugyeojiseungnam≫ published in Chosun Dynasty (1481) based on Seogijeongjeon written by Chiwon Choe in late Shilla.


This is the national foundation myth focused in Geumgwangaya written by Yeon Il in late Koryeo (1281) with quotation of Garakukgi written by a literary dispatched as a local official of Gimhae in mid Koryeo between 1071 and 1084.
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