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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Dawn of Daegaya

Prehistoric Age

People first began to live in Goryeong area from the Old Stone Age of 20,000~30,000 years ago. Throughout the New Stone Age and the Bronze Age, dolmens made of big rocks and menhir made of long rocks were built on plain and nearby areas. Especially, many petrographs were made, and there are the most petrograph remains in Goryeong area.

The sound of polishing rocks in Woonsu Pain - Make stone knife beside Daegachun

People in the Bronze Age hunted or attacked other people with stone tools such as stone knife, stone arrowhead and so forth. Appropriate size stone was polished and made into a desired shape. large and small pieces of stone and unfinished stone tools are scattered on remains that were used for making stone tools.

Life of people in Goryeong during the Bronze Age

People in Goryeong during the Bronze Age built dugouts or attic houses near stream or plain and made towns with wood fences. They also began to grow rice and fish and hunt wild animals. They also used patternless earthenware and stone tools. On the other hand, they buried the dead in dolmens covered with big rocks.
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