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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Dawn of Daegaya

Natural Environment of Goryeong

Goryeonggun is located at the southwestern end of Gyeongsangbukdo and touches Gyeongsangnamdo. To the east, it touches Nakdong River and Daegu. Daegachun and Ahnrimchun begin from the Mount Gaya in the west and make fertile plain around them. They merge in Goryeongeup and become Hwichun and enter River Nakdong.

Since Goryeonggun is protected by the high mountains in the west and River Nakdong in the east, it is dfficult for enemies to invade, and it has the natural environment to access the outside world by using the waterway of River Nakdong.

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