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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

History Tale

Footsteps of Goryeong

Footsteps of Goryeong
An age Year Contents
Prehistoric Age The Old Stone Age he Old Stone Age remains near Kwakchonri Dasanmyu
The Bronze Age Dolmen, menhir and petrograph
Daegaya 42 There is the national foundation myth that Nweijiljuil, who was born between Mount Gaya god called Jungyunmoju and heaven god called Ebiga, became King Ejinasi the founder of Daegaya
400 Gaya, Baekjae and Japan came together and attacked Shilla
479 King Haji sent delegations to Namjae, China and received the title called King Bogukjanggunbonguk
481 When Koguryo and Malgal attacked Shilla, Daegaya and Baekjae saved Shilla
522 King Enewi married a royal woman from Shilla
532 Gumgwangaya was collapsed by Shilla
551 Ureuk and his disciples played Gayageum in front of King Jinheung
554 Fought against Shilla at Gwansansung together with Baekjae but was defeated
562 Collapsed at the time of the 16th King Doseolji by the attack of King Jinheung of Shilla
Unified Shilla Dynasty 757 Changed name to Goryeonggun
Koryeo 940 Belonged to Gyeongsanbu
1175 Gammu came and began governing
1390 General Park Wei defeated Japanese army
Chosun 1413 Hyungam came to Goryeonghyun and began governing
1593 Loyal army general Kim Myun fought during Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592
1597 Goryeong Victory during Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1597
Modern Age 1895 Became Goryeonggun Gyeongsangdo
1896 Became Goryeonggun Gyeongsangbukdo
1979 Goryeongmyun was promoted to Goryeongeup becoming 1 eup and 7 myuns
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