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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Exhibition Outline

Daegaya Royal Tomb Pavilion


  • Site Area : 10,839㎡ (3,278 pyung)
  • Pavilion : 1,464㎡ (443 pyung) (diameter 37m, height 15.47m)
  • Ground 1,107㎡ (335 pyung) : Space frame, bronze plate connection end (pavilon)
  • Maintenance and folk store 110㎡ (33 pyung), restroom 40㎡ (12 pyung), 1 tumulus in maintenance, water fountain (2 places), pagora (2 place), parking lot and so forth

Exhibition Content

Daegaya royal tomb pavilion is the restoration of Jisandong Tumulus No. 44, which is the large scale soonjang tomb discovered for the first time in Korea. Visitors can enter the real size model of tumulus No.44 and see the structure and building method of the tomb, the burial of the lord and attendants, types and characteristics of other buried items and so forth.

This pavilion was built so that ordinary people can see and understand the life and culture of Daegaya people more easily. Its purpose includes refocusing on the history of Daegaya and use it as the educational site for academic and historical study as well as building a cultural tourist site by connecting with nearby cultural assets such as Jisandong Tumulus Site.

Royal tomb pavilion is a museum of new concept and a comprehensive pavilion where visitors can see, feel and experience Daegaya's history, culture, the tradition of burying the living with the dead and so forth.

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