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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Planned Exhibition Hall

The planned exhibition hall holds special exhibition once or twice a year by selecting a special subject related to Daegaya and Goryeong, and it is the exhibition space that can provide changes to the museum.

Daegaya and Six Gayas
  • Daegaya and Six Gayas
  • Daegaya and Six Gayas
  • Daegaya and Six Gayas

Ancient Tale Told by Earthenware - Daegaya and Six Gayas

In a small guest room inside Daegaya Museum's planned exhibition hall are earthenwares from seven Gayas.

And earthenwares from Shilla and Baekjae are also invited. Daegaya of Goryeong that boasts trumpet shaped legs has called Gumgwane of Gimhae that has protruded lips and mouth, Sogaya of Gosung that has long triangle holes and Ara of Haman that has flaming patterns in its legs.
In addition, Bewha of Changyoung that was closer to Shilla, Sungsane of nearby Sungju and Goyunge of Sangu from north have also come gladly.
Sebale that stands on its three legs has come from Buyeo of Baekjae that was very close to Gaya, and Youngrake that is decorated with dangling ornaments has also come from Gyeongju of Shilla that sometimes competed with Gaya. They will all have precious experiences here for 1 year.

01. Earthenware of Shilla and Baekjae

Earthenware of Shilla

Shilla (Youngrake)

Youngrake Straight line and decoration
Earthenware of Shilla is characterized with straight lines and many decorations apart from earthenware of Gaya.
Earthenware of Baekjae

Baekjae (Sebale)

Sebale Practicality and internationality
Mokhangari or Sebaltogi of Baekjae resemble Chinese earthenware and show the internationality of Baekjae culture.

02. Earthenware of Seven Gayas

Earthenware of Daegaya

Daegaya (Goryeong)

Daegaya Curve and stability
Mounted dish of Daegaya has a flat body and long square holes on the trumpet shaped leg.
Earthenware of Gumgwangaya

Gumgwangaya (Gimhae)

Gumgwangaya Mounted dish of Gumgwan Gaya has open lips and no holes on the leg.
Earthenware of Aragaya

Aragaya (Haman)

Aragaya Mounted dish of Aragaya has shallow plate and flame pattern holes on the leg.
Earthenware of Sogaya

Sogaya (Gosung)

Sogaya Mounted dish of Sogaya has long triangle holes on the leg and thick line on the lower part of the leg.
Earthenware of Bewhagaya

Bewhagaya (Changyoung)

Bewhagaya The cover knob of Bewhagaya is either cylinder shape with a hole or small mount reversely attached, and there is pupa shaped pattern on the top of the cover.
Earthenware of Sungsangaya

Sungsangaya (Sungju)

Sungsangaya Mounted dish of Sungsangaya has deep plate with pattern. There are square holes on the leg resembling the mounted dish of Shilla.
Earthenware of Goyunggaya

Goyunggaya (Sangju)

Goyunggaya Mounted dish of Goyunggaya has holes and straight leg resembling the mounted dish of Shilla.
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