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Daegaya is Alive. The historical field where the life of ancient country Daegaya is flowing

Exhibition Outline

Daegaya History Pavillion


  • Site Area : 13,308㎡ (4,032.7 pyung), Building Area : 2,232.72㎡ (676 pyung)
  • 1st Floor Planned Exhibition Hall, Children's Experience Hall, Office, Restroom
  • 2nd Floor Permanent Exhibition Hall, Restroom, Photography Facility
  • Outdoor Exhibition Center, High Storage, Dugout, Auditorium, Restroom, Parking Lot and so forth

Exhibition Content

Permanent Exhibition Hall

Explanations and relics of cultural history from the Old Stone Age to the Modern Age are provided so that visitors can see the history of Daegaya region based on the history of Daegaya. The contents in the exhibition hall include dawn of Daegaya, foundation of Daegaya, growth and development of Daegaya and theme of Goryeong after Daegaya.

Planned Exhibition Hall

It is the place where specially planned exhibitions are provided with special subjects once or twice a year, and visitors can experience exhibitions with new contents every year. In the corner, the life history and accomplishment of Kim Jong Jik who is the founder of Youngnam School are permanently displayed along with the relics of Jumphiljae Head House.

Children's Experience Hall

It is decorated with various characters and bright colors according to children's level. It is the place where children can experience various traditional cultures through Daegaya pottery, royal crown, puzzle game, rubbed copy, printing, folk item experience and so forth.

Outdoor Exhibition Center

Displayed items include dugout, attic storage and iron furnace remain that show the life of Daegaya, Buddhism related cultural assets such as stone tower, stone lantern, statue of Budda and so forth and various stone-made cultural assets such as long pedestal stone, millstone, mortar and so forth.
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